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The euro-critics currently seem to be doing rather well, though the elections to the European Parliament will show whether they are simply good at grabbing the headlines, or whether they can in fact mobilize voters.

In the current spotlight Europe, Its hip to be a euro-critic, Isabell Hoffmann and Franziska Brantner of the Bertelsmann Stiftung describe the extent to which the established parties are being pressurized by the right-wing and left-wing fringes of the political spectrum in the debate about Europe. Standard euro-critical views have now found their way into the centrist parties.

Hoffmann and Brantner point out that the established parties and supporters of integration have tried for years to praise the advantages of integration. Fundamentalist criticism of the EU was often countered with a very basic kind of defence. Yet in order to restore credibility to the European discourse and pull the rug from under the feet of the populists, the contradictions of European policymaking need to be recognized and thrashed out in political terms. The authors are of the opinion that subsidiarity is an important principle in this context.

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